How to make your hen party different

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If you’ve been to lots of hen parties already and have pretty much been there, done that, worn the T-shirt (literally!), you probably think it’s going to be hard to make your hen party stand out from the rest. Well, that’s where The Hen Planner is here to help. Remember, sometimes the littlest things can make the biggest impact. Here’s our guide on How to make your hen party different

Get personal

What better way to honour the bride-to-be than to make it personal to her – think about her talents, her loves, her dreams, where she’s travelled to (or hopes to travel to), where she works. Draw your  inspiration from what makes her unique.

Think outside the box

Forget the usual hen party haunts and your typical hen party cocktail class and pick a location and activity that no one will expect. Nothing spells adventure more than travelling to somewhere completely new. Check out MyHenPlanner (IRELAND and UK) for the trendiest activities on offer — we’re updating them all the time and we love to help you ladies make your hen party different.


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The finer details

Steer clear of the pound shop hen party clobber and pick up something a bit more special in our online store. From sashes, personalised badges and flash tattoos to nail art, crowns and engagement ring balloons, you’ll definitely find something for your bride-to-be.


From your very own living room to a campsite to a penthouse suite, no matter where you are hosting your party, put your own stamp on it by adding some quirky – and pretty – decorations. We have an amazing selection of random, fun and statement items available in The Hen Planner Boutique to add a splash of colour to your hen party base.


Forget the rules

There are no rules. Think a location, activity, eatery, theme or time wouldn’t be suitable for a hen party? If you know in your heart that the bride-to-be will LOVE it, then, as the saying goes, just do it!

Try some DIY

Want a hands down guarantee no one will have the same hen party invitations, costumes, decorations or gifts as you? Then it’s time to round up your entire crew and get crafty. We love these rose infused gummy bears! Seriously wow the girls with these tasty, tipsy treats.


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All or nothing

The more you put in, the more you get out. Don’t expect your hen party to be different by booking the easy option or going for what Mary down the road did for her hen party. The bride-to-be has chosen you as her bridesmaid for a reason – because you are ridiculously special to her and she trusts you to do a hugely important job. So don’t let her down with something anyone could have pulled together in five minutes. Do your research and give the planning the time it deserves. You will be bursting with pride when it all works out a treat on the big night. Give yourself bonus points for tears from the bride!!

Take risks

Is the bride-to-be in LOVE with a certain celeb? Get in contact via social media and ask them to send her a message! Ring or email your accommodation and tell them exactly how AMAZING the bride-to-be is and see if they’ll give her an upgrade or throw in a bottle of bubbly. What’s the worst that can happen? One thing’s for certain, If you don’t ask, you definitely don’t get. Think as randomly as you can!


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Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest

You know that friend who always has the best ideas, the quirkiest décor and makes heads turn no matter what she wears or what she does. Well, she probably didn’t come up with her funky ideas all by herself. Get yourself on Pinterest, get inspired and lose a few hours of your life. (Be warned, It’s addictive). We’re on it too with all the best hen party ideas we come across on our online travels. You can follow us here for more inspiration on how to make your hen party different.

So girls, in just a few simple steps, you will have all your hens talking about your party for the right reasons. Hope you enjoyed our ideas on How to make your hen party different. Now go make it happen!

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