We know how stressful it can be trying to organise a unique and perfect hen do for the bride to be. It happens to every lady who embarks on the task. Remember the following golden rules when you’re planning a hen party and you’ll keep yourself sane whilst organising the best hen party ever!




1. It’s all about organisation
As soon as you know the wedding date you should be agreeing dates with the bride, confirming the guest list and saving the date so everyone can block it out in their calendars well in advance. Know what the plan is and how the logistics work. It takes a bit of time to sort but an organised hen party works the best.

Ask the bride to provide you with two dates that suit her and to give you a guest list. This usually takes a little bit of time and reminding. Don’t be afraid to nudge her along so that she gets this to you quicker. When she is doing this, ask her to check with her friends that she cannot have a hen party without to ensure that they are around for the party. This will ensure you don’t send an email to everyone and get unexpected responses that will upset her.


2. Set an acceptable budget
You will need to set a budget straight away. We actually recommend flagging the budget when you email the guests initially about the date. Some will be happy to commit if is €100 but then if it’s €200 it could mean some drop outs.

Setting a budget initially helps as you know what you can work with in terms of location, accommodation and activities.

Once you know what you are doing for the hen party or weekend, be very clear on the cost per person and let everyone know. Bear in mind that you might be covering the cost of the bride also which means less heads paying for something. You will also need to be very clear on what is covered within the budget and what isn’t i.e. meals, drinks, transport etc.

To make your life easier, keep a spreadsheet with all the guests, activities and costs. If you can, get the money from everyone before the event. If possible, set up an account where they all pay you in advance or monthly. Then when it comes to the hen party or shower, there are no quarrels over money. It also makes it easier for everyone as they have paid for it already.


3. Communicate and be clear!
Communication is as important as organisation. You need to be very clear with everyone so they know what they have signed up for and what they need to do. You will need to be talking to them right up to the day before the event. A good rule though is to avoid  long emails as people might not have time to read. Use bullet points and highlight any of the key detail and what people need to bring. Facebook groups are a good way of doing this however avoid too many updates as people might start to ignore them!


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