2015 Hen Party Trends

2015 Hen Party Trends

Ok ladies, we have been scouring the hen party scene for the past months as well as reading all your emails and enquiries. Below are the top trends that are popping up for 2015 in the wonderful land of hen dos, bridal showers and bachelorette parties!


Simplicity, less is more

We are increasingly seeing people shun away from jam packed itineraries and focusing more on relaxed, quality time with the girls. Country cottages or house parties (staying in is the new going out!), walks in the woods or by the beach, private dinners combined with DIY manis and pedis, bubbles in a hot tub or a girls night in are drawing more and more women in. Clearly we are liking our pampering and comforts!



Healthy hens

Inspired by the celebrity health craze focus (the activities, not the green juices), healthy hen party activities are on the up. Doing something active is a great way of bringing the hen party group together getting the hen party started. From Go Ape to hoola hoops to bike rides to SUP boarding to ballet barre classes and yoga, you’ll find a suitable, healthy inspired activity for your party. If the bride is a little bit of a green juicer, why not make some naughty green juice for after the activity if you want to turn it into a tipsy hen! Browse our unique range of healthy hen party activities here.



Drinks Masterclasses

Cocktail masterclasses have been around for a while but there is a new wave of tipsy inspired hen party activities on the up. From gin tasting to wine and champagne tasting, women are connecting more with their drinking buds to learn more about the art of alcoholic beverages.




Learning Hens

The modern woman is a DIYer and learning new skills is a trend we are seeing grown. From learning how to up cycle furniture, make stamps for wallpaper, bunting and decorating to making your own headpieces and hats for weddings and day at the races to making her own perfume and jewellery. So long pole dancing, we’re learning something we can actually use! Browse our DIY and creative hen party businesses here.

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Vintage twist 

Vintage themed events took the hen party world by storm in 2013 and it doesn’t look like this trend is moving on any time soon. From the flirty and timeless 1920s, the sultry 1950s, the bohemian loving 1970s and the fun and colourful 1980s, every bride to be has an era they love to embrace. We are seeing makeovers, photoshoots, burlesque, tea parties and vintage impaired activities being as popular as ever. Browse our vintage inspired hen party ideas here.



New destinations 

Recently we’ve seen more and more hen party destinations in the sun popping up and Malta is definitely taking the lead. With henmalta.com offering a stylish collection of activities and top quality service there is something for everyone. A wedding is one of the most important days in a woman’s life, so make sure the next hen party you plan is one of the best days/nights ever!



Stylish Accessories

Ladies are having a bit of a deeper think when it comes to hen party themes and accessories. From handmade fabric sashes to gorgeous vintage inspired L plates and rosettes to quirky and simple badges, there is a new kind of party in town! We have a gorgeous range of hen party accessories and decorations as well as our own exclusive collection available here


Hen party luxe

Finally, we are seeing increasing demand for more luxury focused activities. What is popular for us is wine, champagne and gin tasting as well as cocktails in renowned establishments with some of the finest mixologists in the land. Luxury houses, hotels and yacht experiences with gourmet food are also on the up. Browse our luxury hen do ideas here.

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Do you agree or disagree? Is there a trend that you think is missing? Tell us what you think below!